• Comfortable for big and small

    Thanks to its ergonomic and flexible design, the Thea swing sits comfortably. The easily adjustable height ensures that both young and old can swing comfortably. Thea swing grows with you.

  • Fits every standard swing

    The Thea swing transforms any normal swing into an inclusive playground. Easily install it under a minute and attach the optional ribbons to ensure user and informal caregiver never have to lose eye contact.

  • A helping hand

    The Thea Swing is not only designed for the swinger, the caregiver has also been considered! Ribbons for eye contact & a handy loop that helps when getting out.

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Transforming your swing is quick and easy

Take it with you

Roll the swing up into a conveniently portable tube! Swing safely at grandma and grandpa's, while traveling, in the park, ...

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How it started

Thea Swing is named after Thea, a girl with the syndrome of Rett. Although she loved swinging, she became too big for baby swings. Alternatives for children with a disability were "ugly and expensive", until Manu & Frederick came in ...

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Frequently asked questions

From what age can I use the Thea Swing?

Although some users have been using it for children of 2 years old, we recommend a minimum age of 3 years old.

How much weight can the Thea Swing hold?

The Thea Swing is tested until 200kg - should be enough 😉

Do you provide straps?

At this moment we haven't straps to lock. Thanks to the shape of the Thea Swing, most kids are naturally "locked" in the swing.
But we understand some special needs kids would benefit straps, we expect them to launch end 2024.

Do you ship internationally?

At this moment we ship to the European Union, UK, Switzerland & Norway.
Other countries will be added soon